Dr.C.L.Krithika, has chaired a session for MIDAS 2017 on 15th December at Sri Ramachandra University.
Dr.C.L.Krithika, has chaired a session for MIDAS 2018 on 25th October 2018 at Tagore Dental College.
Dr. Anuradha G, invited guest speaker at the 5 th National Rapid review and updates in oralmedicine & Radiology held at Sri Ramachandra Faculty of Dental Sciences,Chennai-16 from 19 th to 22 nd April 2021 where she delivered a guest lecture titled “Fibro osseous lesions” on 19/04/2021.
Dr.K.V.Swathi, Secured second position in Paper presentation at the ADI Global Conclave in December 2019 organised by Academy of Dentistry Internation, India Chapter, held at Saveetha Dental College, SIMATS, Chennai, India.
Dr.K.V.Swathi, Secured “First prize” in paper presentation at the World Dental Conference 2020 from 6-11th October 2020.
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DR.KANMANI.R, Comparison of conventional and digital panoramic imaging in the qualitative and quantitative assessment of mandibular cortex in postmenopausal women at XIII national conference, Bengaluru 2011.
Dr.K.V.Swathi, Dr.K.V.Swathi: Secured 3rd place in Scientific Poster presentation in the 7th STAR summit in January 2020 held at Saveetha Dental College, SIMATS, Chennai, India.
Dr.C.L.Krithika, presented a poster titled,” Evaluation of Condylar Cortication using CBCT: A retrospective cross sectional Study”, in the TMJ E- Symposium Goa 2021 on 22nd April 2021.
Dr. Ashwin Chandra Veni. M, presented a poster titled, “Comparison of Therapeutic Ultrasound with TENS in the management of TMJ Disorders” in the TMJ E- Symposium Goa 2021 on 22nd April 2021.
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DR.KANMANI.R. Flies in flesh-a case report with entomologic findings – at XXI National conference, Indore 2009.

Dr.K.V.Swathi has published a patent


Title: Vinyl Lead (VL) Oral Screen

Staus: PUBLISHED(Date: 21.05.2021), awaiting request for examination

Application Type: Ordinary Application

Application Number: 201941046400